No Reason to Fear

For the longest, shortest second of my life my heart stops and my physical appearance is a millimeter away from betraying my shock. Did he just say that out loud? How could he possibly know?

But I can’t go there, can’t let my reaction show. I continue to look out the window like I hadn’t heard anything. Then a woman behind us heard and spoke up. “There’s a bomb?”

I acted the right amount of surprised and pretended to look around.

“No, miss, I’m sorry. This passenger said something, but it’s simply impossible,” the stewardess said. “Now sir, if you’ll come with me.” She yanked the man up without ceremony, him protesting along the way, me letting a tiny bit of relief back inside with every step he takes away from me. I look around for a few more seconds, playing the part, and then uncomfortably readjust myself against the window, looking fittingly concerned.

Passengers mutter around the cabin.


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