Day 10: Paper Towns By John Green

January 10th

Paper Towns was about two next door neighbors, Quentin and Margo. There loves do not overlap. Margo is gorgeous, spontaneous, and popular. Quentin is nerdy, to analytical to be adventurous and loves Margo from afar. One night she comes through his window and asks him to go on a quest for revenge with her. Having nothing to loose, he follows her.

After an all-nighter he comes to school only to discover Margo had gone missing. He then notices that there are clues left for him. As he follows them he starts to realize Margo may not be the girl he thought she was…

I heard the doorbell ring and knowing exactly who it was, ran to answer it.

“Hey,” John said smiling at me, looking absolutely perfect, leaning in my doorway.

“Hey.” I replied nervously.

I watched him walk in and pinched myself.

It was then that I realized that this wasn’t a dream.

John was here.

He reminded me a little of Margo,

Only he wasn’t going anywhere.

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