Public Opinion

I snuggled up into my coat as I walked hurriedly back to my dorm. It wasn’t cold, but it was best my face wasn’t seen.

My classmates were all heading to the hill, the opposite direction, to watch the “show” later that night. Fools!

Weeks earlier, fliers were put up around the university advertising tonight’s light show. The government was testing a new weapon. They called it “Public Opinion” and they said you’d be able to see it for miles, which was the safe distance they recommended. Word quickly spread to gather at the hill that night.

There’s no way I’d be caught dead there… The government tested the bomb before, about 5 miles away from a military base. No one died, and there were “no adverse effects” according to the media. But no one notices when all the soldiers present follow every order exactly to the letter.

I glanced at my watch. Not much longer now. I put on my headphones and curled up under my bed, and begged whatever powers that be that the “bomb” was a dud.

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