Road Trip

The SUV sped down the highway, Boston blaring from the sound system. Mike, Joey, Lane, and Bruce were rocking out. Hard. It was four hundred miles to Vegas, and they were ready for some good old-fashioned debauchery. It was going to be an epic trip.

Then the roadsigns began.

Right Shoulder Closed Ahead. Everyone in the car checked their shoulders and were quite surprised to find the right ones open. They shut them immediately, not wanting to get into trouble too soon.

Uneven Lanes. “I can’t wait to play some cards and see- I WANT TO KILL YOU ALL!” Everyone eyed Lane cautiously. “Sorry about that. I’m not su- I WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOULS!”

Survey Crew. Mike pulled over to the stand on the roadside. “What’s your favorite color?” a cheery old man asked.

“Blue!” “Red!” “Green!” “Chartreuse!” The rest of the car gave Bruce a queer look.

“Thank you! Have a nice day!” the man replied, and they continued on.

This Lane Ends 1500 Feet. “Sorry, bro,” Mike said.

“Aww, nuts!” Lane cried and disappeared.

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