What The Fox Said

A single submarine sped through the air. Down on the ground a fox was skipping through the city. The monocle and the top hat was in place, as was the power armor.

“The game starts soon and i don’t have ice-cream yet,” the fox said, pronouncing every ‘e’ silently and every ‘a’ loudly. “What to do, what to do?”

“The pub! The pub is always the answer,” said the eel, passing by the fox.

“Of course! The pub it is, then.”, shouted the fox and went to the stadium. The crowd cheered and it was obvious, that the cucumbers couldn’t help now. As the fox entered, the crowd threw all the hats into the air. Who is this, some kind of joker? thought the fox and took its pocket watch out of his ear. It was 3:13. The time has come.

“The time has come!” shouted the fox. “The time has come, and you know that! Spoon, Fork, and Knife. The Time has come.” And the submarine exploded.

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