A Walk in the Park

“Ya know what Bobby? I don’t think I can take this anymore.”

“Hah! Whatcha gonna do? Move? It’s not like you can pack up and go somewhere else.”

“Maybe not. But I can’t just sit here and let people keep stepping all over me like I don’t even exist.”

“Listen, Joe. It’s not personal or nuthin. It’s just business really.”

“Well it’s not a business that I’m gonna be in anymore!”
The paramedic set the splint on the man’s ankle as he said, “You really tore this ankle up, buddy. I think you need to get some x-rays. There’s a good chance you broke something in there.”

The man grimaced as the ambulance began to drive him away. “I don’t understand it. It was my third time around the park, and that cobblestone was NOT disturbed before, I’m SURE of it. It’s why I run here. The paths are always so well maintained.”

As the ambulance drove away, a loose cobblestone seemed to move with the gentle breeze….

“Hah! You see, Bobby? You see? We CAN do something about all those people walking on us all the time!”

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