Alternative medicine

“You know this is probably the worst thing we could do, medically speaking.” She was shining her light around both sides of Graham’s leg, looking to see how much damage the rebar had done. “It could the only thing stopping you from bleeding to death.”

“Well, I certainly can’t maneuver my way out here very well with an eighteen-inch rod sticking out of my thigh, now can I?”

“No one said you’ll have to.” She was now standing, pointing her flashlight behind Graham. She moved swiftly to a locked cabinet, and reaching into her pocket pulled out a large ring of keys. Graham stared blankly at Her, craning his neck to see behind him.

“Whoa, how’d you know that was there? And where did you get keys to it?”

“We’re in the machine shop. I’m head of maintenance here. Or I was until the building was destroyed.”

“What are you looking for.”

“Well, like I told you, I’m not pulling that rebar out of your leg. You refuse to leave with it in. I’m not going to leave you behind, so I’m looking for my Sawzall. "

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