Ready For Love

I thought I was always ready for love
Searching under every stone and street corner
Looking where others found it,
Looking at places where its never been
To find this substance to fulfill my needs
To exceed my limitations and satisfy that empty void in my life.
I thought I was ready for love
When that fist slammed into my stomach because I thought I was standing up to what I wanted to become
Some say love is not real
Some say love is the equivalency of every other emotion expressed
But I always believed that they were wrong
I believed that Love was that feeling when you care for that person so much that they are apart of you.
I realized that no one is ready for love
Love is not staged, nor supposed to be
Love is spontaneous
So I stopped looking, and ignored all my temptations around me
And then it smack me in the face, unexpectually.

Don’t worry about the little things and live your life.
If your looking for love
He is there… You just have to pray
And ever since God has satisfied my every need.

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