Carbon Monoxide All Around!

“So now that we have discovered Earth and its glaborious wonderworkings, how shall we greet them, O Most Sugary Overlord?” Zamboblion hummed.

“I would think a Celebratory Mercury Shower to be most appropriate.”

“Computing, O Master of All Things Cocoa. Result: mercury is toxic to Earth’s primary sentient species, the Humans.”

“Unfortunate. Our customary Congratulations Cloud of Carbon Monoxide?”

“Toxic as well, O Muculent One.”

“Hmm. Search their orbobulating satellites for history on the species,” the Supreme Ruler bubbled through his molten chocolate throat.

“Searching…result: Humans enjoy socializationing and eating. Often-used objects for possible message receivers found: ‘toilet paper’, ‘Big Macs’, and ‘Twitter.’”

“Beam the Congratulations message to all three, just in case.”

Zamboblion’s eyes grew wide. “Wait—Sir, the Humans enjoy sugar-filled concoctions…especially chocolate.”

The Supreme Ruler paused. “Destroy them all!

“Yes Sir. Beaming message.”

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