Simply and Irrationally In Love

I see his smile in my mind’s eye. The sweet lines of his face and the joy in his eyes are present. His hair is perfect as always, driving me insane with the want to touch it’s softness. He is taller than me, stronger than me.

His smile fades and with it, the joy in my heart. There is a direct link between his happiness and mine. I do everything I can to put that smile back on his face. We laugh and joke and tease. Everything to keep the joy in his eyes.

When he hurts, I hurt. When he smiles, I smile. When he is upset, I am upset. There is a bond we share. He is my everything. I give up my life to him. I give up my heart to him. I give up my sanity to him. He controls me with his mood, his feelings. Nothing about my self belongs to me any longer. He has completely taken over.

And yet, I am not frightened by this. Or angered, or upset. I am relieved. I am hopeful. I am trusting. He will not misuse the power I have given him, for he cares just as much.

We are simply, irrationally, in love for always.

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