The Piano

His long, lithe fingers skimmed the top of the glossy black surface, the dust swirling in the air as he breathed. The sunlight illuminated the instrument in an angelic sort of way and Robert couldn’t help but smile at the image that seared through his imagination.

She would sit quietly in front of the majestic grand piano, her back straight and her fingers arched in such beautiful fashion. Her eyes would close the moment her fingers met the keys, the music flowing in and out of her like water running down the stream. It was one of those moments Robert found himself frozen in amazement.

He would come in half an hour after she started playing, and she would scoot to the left, offering him his place on the higher scale. They usually started with silly little songs before progressing into the grand melodies of their own compositions. She would smile whenever she brushed against him and he couldn’t help but breathe her in as they played.


He was in love with her and the piano was his only witness.

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