Fashion Show!!

I laugh as I see Gabe’s face light up. He begins chatting with his new friend and I leave him alone… for the time being.

I resume my concentration on the road when a sign catches my eye. “Ohh!” I squeal, as I swerve onto the next exit ramp.

Gabe looks over at me, asking where we were going with his eyes. I don’t bother to respond verbally because we are passing another sign. I point and he looks.

Fashion Show! Today at 12:00 Noon! Tickets are available at the door.

I see Gabe roll his eyes and laugh. By the time I find the place, Gabe has ended his phone call. He looks at me and asks, “We are going here… becausee…?”

“Because! They may have a different style here in Arkansas then we do in New York!” I exclaim. There is an unsaid “duh” at the end of my sentence that I know Gabe picks up on because he laughs.

“You really are a one-of-a-kind girl, Kylie.” Gabe says smiling.

“Why thank you, hun. I try, I try.”

We climb out of my car and get in line to purchase our tickets.

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