Illusions Are a Girl's Best Friend

As soon as I slipped my car into park, I put my ear buds in my ears. Half the time I didn’t actually turn the music on, I just liked the illusion it created. It kept people from talking to me, if they thought I couldn’t hear them anyways. It was also a useful way to pick up on gossip. If people think you can’t hear, they let some pretty wild secrets out. That was actually how I got my first tip off that Mr. Preppy was crushing on me.

I scold myself for letting my thoughts turn to him yet again. I climb out of my car and sling my backpack over one shoulder. I give the students who are hanging around outside a quick glance over, implying that they are way beneath me. None of them make eye contact. This is just perfect if you ask me.

I start my perfected sloutching walk to the front doors. I notice some people glance at me, but when they realize who I am, they quickly look away. I make it all the way to my locker without any sight of the preppy who has an obvious mental impairment to like a girl like me.

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