#5 It Was All So Good

Cora ran into her room, clicked the radio on and started to dance around the room, thinking of the dreamy evening she had had with Maxi.

Suddenly Bella stepped from a shadow that Cora hadn’t noticed and pushed her back onto the bed. Cora’s heart sank. Bella made the good things bad. Well, she wasn’t going to ruin this moment.

“You whore!” Bella hissed, pressing her face up close so that the blue-black strands of her hair intertwined with the Cora’s chocolate bangs. Cora’s eyes started to sting as she shouted, “What do you want, Bella? What are you doing here?”

“You, whore. He was mine, you bitch!” and she slapped Cora so hard that her head smacked into the wall. “You stole him!”

Cora was shouting now. She pushed Bella back and she watched as Bella’s dark hair followed her into the cupboard on the opposite wall. Blood smeared down the wooden surface as Bella sank to the floor and Cora’s mum burst through the door.

“Bella!” Cora cried.

“Cora,” her mother sounded scared. “Bella’s not here. Bella’s dead.”

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