The Magic Door

So heres a story…We begin our story on Earth. Corn nuts rule the earth. Humans are harvested to eat. There are human factories that cornuts run to make humans to eat. But one day, a group of Space Squids were flying by and were attacked by Space sharks. The space squids crash landed on earth. On its way down it hit the human factory, then smashed into the ground. A ton of humans ran out of the factory before the cornnuts came. The humans were running, finally free from the cornnuts. They saw the spaceship and saw the lights flashing around it and thought…RAVEEEE!!! So they all ran to it. they went inside and saw a tiny door. They gathered around and then…a sound was heard and the door slowly opened. A little alien came out and looked at them…and yelled…PARTAY!!!!! Then they all had a Rave Partay. The alien then returned them to the other Earth where cornnuts did not rule dominantly. Teh End!

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