Here's to Madison

I feel her pain. I know what it’s like when someone gives you their word and then goes against it. I know it’s only one phone call, but you don’t do that to a girl. She’s upset and I just want to be there with her, to comfort her. But I can’t. She’s so far away. This is the only way I can express my understanding.

Here’s to Madison, goddess of night.
Worry not, dear.
Everyone makes mistakes.
He can apologize.
You can forgive him.

You love him.
You’ve told me that so many times.
You know it and he knows it.
He takes you for granted, and I know it hurts.
I pray he will see the light some day.

You are strong, beautiful, intelligent.
Don’t let a guy make you feel anything other than these things.
Embrace yourself.
Tell yourself it’s all going to be okay.

We haven’t known each other for long, but I feel close to you.
I have faith in you.
I appreciate your friendship.

Things will get better.
This I promise you.
Here’s to you, my friend.
Be strong.
Everything will be okay.


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