Breaking the Routine

I look at myself in the bathroom mirror, and am shocked at what I see. I see myself reflected back into my eyes, but I look older, and not in a good way. I splash water onto my face and look again. My blue eyes glisten like the sea as they stare back at me.

I look sad; like I’ve seen many things that I shouldn’t have seen in my lifetime. I’m only sixteen! How is this possible?

What’s wrong with me? I feel so normal inside, but look depressed on the surface. My life has never been exciting, but I’ve always felt comfortable with it.

I come to the conclusion that it’s time to break the routine. It’s time to step out of my comfort zone and make a serious effort to have more fun.

But wait; there’s something wrong with making an effort to have more fun. Shouldn’t fun be spontaneous? How to be spontaneous?

Then, the telephone rings. My first opportunity to be spontaneous! Unfortunately, it turns out to be a telemarketer. I need to find another way to begin breaking the routine.

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