The Pulse on Tour Weekend

So this past weekend (to whoever is reading this) I attended the Pulse on Tour in Atlantic City Nj. The most amazing weekend, for rizzle! If you don’t know what this is, please go to so you get the full impact of this experience. But forgive me, I digress. *ahim! So during the Q and A session with the choreographers I got mister Boogie His-self to call on me . and I asked which routine, since they’ve been with the pulse, has meant the most to them and why.
After a long pause Mia Michaels looks over at Wayde Robsin, and He begins to talk about the dance that Mia had taught us: How we might not have realized it, but that dance was a piece of her – a little sliver of her soul, served to us on the carpet. He made sure we knew that a choreographer oftentimes reveals their vulnerabilities, their innocence (or lack thereof) and their aspirations when they pass on these dances to us.
Now as I tell you she started to tear up with the truth of it, you (the anonymous reader) will be wondering. . .

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