The pulse Weekend Continued

You’ll be wondering What exactly this post has to do with writing; and it is that each post, each story, each poem and song and doodle of thought, is a sliver of our soul turned over to the mercies of the glow of the monitor.
It takes so much courage-such gumption (I love that word)-to divulge these emotions which we may not even be fully conscious of [to total strangers no less!] that none of us can afford to take advantage of our fellow ficleteers. We must remember there is no such thing as a Bad critique, and if you’re about to write an alleged Bad critique it is in fact a criticism incognito! BEWARE and post none such pish-posh on our site. We are an online family of writers because of what we know about each person through their writings and how they (and we) affect others.
In closing, Mia finished off with a qoute
which I quote
with a quote
In quotations.
“Please, forgive me if I have succeeded only in entertaining you; for I had wished to make you better.”
What affect do Your ficlets and comments have?

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