Day 13: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

January 13th

I wish I could tell you what this book was about unfortunately Robin had other plans.

“I can’t let you read this,” Robin said as he snatched the book from me.


“Trust me it’s just better this way,” he replied sticking the book on top of the trashcan.

“Robin that isn’t mine!” I said getting it back and making sure it wasn’t damaged.

“I was just putting it where it belongs,” he smiled.

“This is like their bible!” I replied, “I’d probably be fed to the vampires, or are those the good guys?”

“Oh Kat, i swear sometimes I think you live under a rock.”


“Have you not seen the advertisements for the movies? Have you not heard the term ‘Team Edward’ and ‘Team Jacob’…?”

As Robin explained to me how oblivious I was of the world I saw John wave at me.
My face instantly blushing I waved back.

“Who lent you that? John?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, just seems like the kind of thing he’d be into.”

“I thought you said it sucked?”

“Exactly,” Robin replied walking away.

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