Goodbye my friend

My friend died the other day. I was gutted. We had only known each other a few months but we were very close. We saw each other almost every day. I moved to a new town about 3 months ago, I found it difficult to adjust to a new place and meet new people. Then one day I decided to change my ways. I introduced myself to my neighbour, and we became fast friends. We would quite often while away the hours debating about important issues like which was the better lager, Heineken or Carlsberg. Or discuss our favourite whiskeys, or which cocktails get girls drunk faster. Now that I think about it, alcohol was the foundation of our friendship. It’s almost all we talked about. Then a few weeks ago, my friend got some news, some really bad news. Everyone put on a brave face but it was tough. Then a few days ago, It happened, the end happened. And then he was gone, gone forever.
His name was “The Wine Rack” and he offered fantastic deals on foreign beers as well as 2 for 1 promo’s on a monthly basis.

You will be missed.

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