When the Tears Come Streaming Down Your Face

The tears just keep on falling.
Yet I still find the strength to keep going.
This is such a powerful thing.
The pain keeps coming.
I keep pushing back.

I seem to be fine now, but…
What about tomorrow?
Next week?
Next year?
Where will I be?

My tears dry on my cheeks.
I say a little prayer for myself.
I hope for the best.
I take this one day at a time.
I can do it.

But then fresh tears come.
They always do.
Tears come with pain.
It’s just a fact of life.

I wipe these new tears away.
I put on a brave face for the world.
I try my best to deal with this.
But it’s so hard.
It’s too hard sometimes.

I don’t know what keeps me going.
Possibly love.
Probably God.
Definitely dedication.

I wipe my tears away and look onward.
The future looks bright.
I must keep my eyes on the light.

But now, another tear streams down my face.

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