Equinox Vs. Evil (3)

The thorns on my hand tighten and more come up at my legs.

It’s over.

The pain is too much. But losing the scabbard means I’ve lost everything.

The manifestation of evil appears in the pit in a burst of flame.

He says nothing as he quickly walks over to me to collect the scabbard. Frantic; I begin to try and stall.

“No speech, vader?”

“SILENCE MORTAL!” he says as he comes in front of me

He slaps me across the face and I literally lose a tooth.

“I should kill you right now myself.” he begins as he reaches towards my scabbard “But first this…”

“You want to kill me, Evil?” I whisper

“What?” Evil replies “What did you just say?”

“Do you want to kill me.” I say with more force this time

Evil is taken a back for a second and pauses reconsidering.

I begin to think frantically about everything I know about the moon.

And then the answer comes to me.

“It’s so obvious it just might work.” I think

I begin to concentrate all my focus to pulling unforeseen water out of the ground.

“Bath time.” I mutter

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