Diary of a Complicated Loner (1)

It’s the first day of Highschool and I’m excited. All the things I’ve heard, all the things I’ve seen.

I’ve literally been waiting my whole life for this.

I imagine hanging with my best pal Drew and getting a million girls. Having tons of legit friends and then: The nightmare begins.

The Bus Stop

I get to the bus stop I don’t know anyone and don’t want to be supported by my sister’s friends at all.

I’m alone.

I start conversation with no one because the kids don’t seem like morning people.

On the Bus I sit alone.


This is my school now. I own it. I look through the hallowed halls and are impressed. Seeing people everywhere but I quickly head to class.

Classes are first-day-of-schoolish, so nothing special. I make some friends. Get Lost. Ya’know. :)


I am alone. Utterly alone again and insecurity kicks in. What if I’m like this all year? I try to sit close to someone from my old school but they don’t recognize me.

I after all haven’t seen them in years.

And so it begins.

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