Diary of a Complicated Loner (2)

Day Two

They say good things come to those who wait.

Damn Straight.

After being punished through day one, Day two comes around. And boy am I happy.

It’s a B day. My first to be precise. Meaning today will be different than yesterday.

I sit with my sister and her friends on the bus. Sometimes joining into the conversation. I enter school feeling accepted and ready for round two.

First blocks Math class. I sit in the front because I do poorly in this class and want a good grade. But the teacher pulls up a seating chart which shows me in the back.

Can’t say I didn’t try did I?

The work is easy so I mostly read. The Cross Country Freshman track star sits next to me he’s nice. But we rarely talk. (I did Cross Country over the summer)

Math ends and my first study hall comes. Nothing special.

Now I’ll never forget that day at lunch. Instead of looking for someone I know I look for a girl I DON’T know sitting alone. I find one and sit down.

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