Diary of a Complicated Loner (3)

She’s a pretty girl. Seems like a mature freshman, not dumb and alone. Perfect.

I ask her if I can sit down and she says I can. I start eating my lunch and don’t talk. I set my watch for five minutes. If no one comes in five then I make my move.

No one does.

  • Dialog*

Me: Do you know anyone in this lunch block?

Girl: I just know my friend Jessica

Me: Well now you know two people. I’m Chase.

She smiles. A good sign.

Girl: I’m Michelle

We both scoot closer to each other. She was on the opposite side farther than me. The connection of a new friend is in place. My first pick up in high school.


We begin talking and then her friend comes over. I immediately wish she wasn’t in my lunch block.

Michelle is GREAT friends with this girl. She introduces me, but soon her interest wanders back to her friend. We share a look like, we’ll talk later.

I resume eating my lunch and soon the period ends.

By the Way. ~ Important

I did a better job than I thought.

I had befriended a Junior.

A girl at that.

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