Diary of a Complicated Loner (4)

I’ll skip forward now. This story doesn’t take a day by day pace.

Connections with the girl didn’t last. And it’s my fault.

I got friends. Guy Friends and things were awkward with me there with just her best friend. My Friend from my elective (intro to business and marketting) was in my lunch block. And so was Michelle.

I had a choice to make.

Boy’s as friends.
Girl’s as friends.

I chose the boy’s. It was less awkward and more comfortable. But if I had more time to think into it I would have realized option three.

Why not invite them to come with you?

Soon I began not sitting with them. Not talking to them so on.

Weeks went by.

I never forgot about Michelle. But I was in a jam. I couldn’t just approach her now.

I had been getting vicious looks from her. VICIOUS. I can understand why. I’d be mad too.

Another 2/3 weeks later I see her at the microwave and move in. We both use it like every lunch period so, bam! Instant chance of redemption.

I decide to ignore the problem.

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