Diary of a Complicated Loner (6)

Until now you don’t know why I’m a complicated loner.

You see that I have friends.

I know at least one girl.

So what’s wrong?

The three classes that I sit alone in are World History, English and Math.

English is my favorite class but the people aren’t.

There’s someone there from my old school who can CLEARLY see something is wrong.

She’s the attention whore.

We’ll call her Stacey.

Stacey will always have a ton of friends wherever she goes. She’s one of those people that things always seem to work out for. I always thought she was a nice girl and didn’t have to many grudges about her. Until she tried to use me.

I’m sitting alone and her and her massive group of friends begin to start talking about my old school. And suddenly she says that I went to her old school and we were best friends.

Stop the screwing train. YOU haven’t talked to me since we got here. We are several weeks into school and we are best friends! WHAT?

Just like in the movies she turns and says: “Right Chase?”

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