Revenge of the Brother

His mother had spanked him once again. For something he didn’t do. His little sister was always getting him into trouble. His mother didn’t realize the devious little mind that was hiding behind those seemingly limpid blue eyes. He ran to his room to hide the tears that sprang to his own ugly brown orbs. They loved her better.
That’s why a short time later when he found himself alone with Katelynn, he decided to punish her. A little revenge for all the sore bottoms.
“Whatcha doin’?” he whispered. She pushed him away.
“Nothin’. Leave me alone!” But she was always up to something. He grabbed her arm.
“I’m gonna get ya for gettin’ me in trouble!” Before she could scream for mommy dearest, he clapped a hand over her mouth.
“Scream and it will only get worse.” She ceased her struggles and closed her eyes. That’s when he punched her in the face. Tiny tears squeezed onto her cheeks. But then she opened her already swelling eyes. And that’s when he saw she was going to get him back. Even worse.

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