The Question

“Do you know what it is Andy?” Gemma asked
He stared at her across the dinner table, his mind went blank. He slowly looked around the table, everyone was looking at him. They didn’t know the answer, they were sure he did. He could feel there eyes burning a hole deep into his brain.
He panicked,
“Of course I do.” He announced to the group.
Andy didn’t know why he said that, it seemed like the right thing to say. He didn’t want to let everyone down. They were all counting on him. He turned his mind back, back to his training. He knew he would find the answer buried somewhere in his memory. He had to get this right, everything depended on him saying the right answer. He shuffled through the filing cabinet that is his mind & there buried deep within, filed somewhere between Batman & boomerang, he found the answer. He knew it, and it was time everyone else did to. They had waited long enough. They NEED to know & only HE could tell them.
Then in a loud, confident voice he declared,
“It’s Blue, it’s a blue cheese.”

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