Insomnia poem

It’s late at night & I can’t sleep
I’ve switched off the light & I’ve tried counting sheep.
That’s not odd for me, I’m from Aberdeen,
where men & sheep are frequently seen.
I want to go to the land of dreams,
but fate has other plans it seems.
I just can’t seem to get any rest,
Maybe it’s because I am so stressed.
Soon I will be back at school,
And some would think that is quite cool.
But my student life is in the past,
And when I was there I did it half assed.
This time it will be different, at least I hope,
I’ll do my best, I’ll try to cope.
But will my best be good enough?
Or will my work just be to rough.
As I lie here getting more stressed out,
I start to get angry and I want to shout.
But I don’t think I’ll get a second glance.
maybe at lunch I’ll get to have a nap
instead of writing all this crap.
I’ll give it a go, that’s all I can do.
And hopefully I will prove to you.
I’m not just a loser who drinks too much booze,
Im goin to go now, & try to have a snooze!

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