The Power of Black 29

“Can you buy me a beer please mate? I lost all my cash playing blackjack.” asked Kev
“Blackjack? I’ve warned you about that before!” replied Andy
“I know, I know, can you lend me a fiver please?” asked Kev with a look of desperation on his face.
Andy checked his wallet, where he found a disappointingly low amount of cash.
He looked at his drinks on the bar, instantly regretting buying that bottle of champagne. He’d somehow managed to win £100 on roulette and then immediately spent it on this bottle.
Rooting through his pockets desperately searching for cash he found two chips, a £25 and a £5.
“Alright mate, here’s the deal, take this £5 chip, go to the roulette table and put it on black 29, we split the winnings.” Andy said firmly
“What? Why not just buy me a drink with this chip?” asked Kev confused
“Trust me, it’s the power of black 29.” Andy said drunkenly
“Alright.” Said Kev with a voice full of doubt.
Kev wandered off leaving Andy to his champagne
5 minutes later Kev returned with a big grin on his face.

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