The Ficleteers got left in bad shape.

They all turned around to see a very small figure.

“A racoon?” g2 exclaimed incredulously.

“No, no,” Elsha corrected. “The tail.. it’s twisted. It can’t be a racoon.”

“I’m simply Oy,” Oy informed. The betas turned to see the rest of the island. Band Baby and Bartimaeus were floating about together, making and losing friends as they went. Mask by the Moon had left her old pen name[and about half of her hair length] behind during the period inbetween, and was drifting away from several of the other ficleteers as Elisabeth L. Davis. The once illustrious Blusparrow was sitting next to a stack of papers, rocking back and forth. Jason looked around. He couldn’t quite comprehend how many people were there, all he knew was that he would need more time than he had to get everything together.

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