Lest We Forget

The 2000 year War of Moons left a pallor over all of the Sol System. For centuries after, the disparate peoples struggled for peace and reconstruction, never achieving the heights enjoyed before; a time destroyed, almost lost.

Still under clouds of conflict, and for the first time since he burst into existence in his own system, man was at last able to venture into the wider galaxy. By the end of the first post war millennium he had reached many systems, and had discovered life out there, simple though it was.

But the previous three thousand years had tainted the soul of man, and scarred his noble aspirations. He became the scurge of the galaxy, destroying all, for the sake of what utility could be gained.

Until the greatest miracle. On a small planet, in a distant system, he found familiar life, and astonishingly, a small bipedal ape, that sparked a recognition of something past, that would come to infect his own race with a nobility long forgotten. Man had rediscovered himself, and his purpose.

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