Whisper and the Enigma

“I’ll be where you can find the most widely recognized works in the city.” Signed, ‘A Synonym for Riddle’

It was obvious that the letter was left by Whisper’s nemesis, the Enigma. The “most widely recognized works in the city” could only be the valuable art in the museum downtown. Thus the stakeout. Only it had been hours, and Enigma was a no-show.

“Hey, Whisper,” a voice on the commlink asked.

“Go ahead, Graves,” Whisper replied to his partner.

“I’ve been thinking,” Graves mused. “You know how Enigma used a synonym in his signature? What if something else in the note is also a synonym?”

“Explain,” Whisper said.

“Well, there’s some synonyms for ‘work’, such as ‘drudge’, ‘effort’, ‘grind’—”

“And ‘trial’,” Whisper interrupted. “He’s not at the museum. ‘Most widely recognized TRIALS’. He’s at the courthouse.”

“The D’Antonio trial!” Graves yelled.

Whisper began running across the rooftops towards the courthouse.

“Hey, Graves. What’s a synonym for riddle?”

“Enigma?” Graves said.


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