New Dawn

Man, on leaving Sol had subdued his greed and nurtured the three other proto-intelligent beings he had eventually discovered, all by EII4 – 4000 years after Exodus II, when man first left Sol. He had learned what he could, and built a cultural memory that would last, that peace would endure. The only struggle was managing population dynamics within each system. The experience of 300 year lives was not enough, too easy to forget how to develop new minds, new ideas. He was compelled to expand forever.

But the great fear was stagnation of the spirit. A new quest was born by mid-EII4, when sanction was given for the First Inter-Genetic Melding. Human DNA was restructured and combined with features from the three other intelligent entities. A new life was created – Multi-Life – ML1. By EII6 the new beginning was complete – there were no known ancient humans left. The sun had finally risen on a new dawn, a new age. And, with the galaxy populated at last, ML1 looked beyond his own.

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