Eulogy for a wine shop

Oh dear wine shop,
you’ve been a good friend!
You have been top,
right to the end.
Oh dear Wine Rack,
I will miss you.
I want you back,
with wine at three for two!
Now you are gone,
how will I get drunk?
It won’t be too long,
until I become a monk.
Without you nearby,
maybe it will be good.
I’ll be a different guy,
I’ll be in a sober mood.
I loved seeing you from day to day,
I loved buying your cheap cabernet.
I miss your quality range of snacks,
giving me the sugar that my body lacks.
You recommended a nice merlot,
I poured myself a glass,
and I drank it slow.
It ran down my throat,
and into my belly.
My mind started to float,
as I watched the telly.
When I say float,
I mean I was smashed!
I’m not trying to gloat,
it’s not fun getting trashed.
Well that’s a bit of a lie,
sometimes it’s fun.
Just be a smart guy,
and know when your done.
We all love wine,
and we all love to party.
feeling up some fine,
nice looking young tarty.
Goodbye my friend,
you will be missed.
Thats the end,
now I’m off to get pissed!

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