The Girl Inside of Me

Victoria had been with me for quite some time now. Ever since my aunt had violated me a few years ago. She’d helped to deal with the humiliation of that night. She vowed to never let me be put in such a situation again. She was the “tough” version of me. And whenever I was feeling threatened, she reared her ugly head.
She’d gotten me in my share of trouble, too. School suspensions, fights, and almost some jail time. But I was always able to contain her, keep her under control. She was only there to give me a little extra courage, after all.
But lately, she seemed to be taking the upper hand more and more. I would wake with cuts on my arms and a bloody knife in my hand. Once, I came back to myself and there was the neighbor’s cat in a pool of blood. And now, she had me by the throat. I didn’t know what to do anymore. Things were getting progressively worse and I couldn’t see a way out it. Except death.
Picking up on my thoughts, she drew the knife across my throat.

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