Take Nothing For Granite

“Are you sure you detected life?” the doctor quipped at the science officer. “There’s nothing here but rocks!” It was true. In all directions there were rocks; some more properly called pebbles, others perhaps boulders, and a few in the distance that just might be mountains. But all, clearly, rocks.

The science officer raised a brow in response. “I assure you, Doctor, my readings were accurate. As this is an alien planet, is it not likely that any life is equally alien?”

The doctor rolled his eyes, ending with an imploring look to their captain. “Well, Captain, what do you think?”

“I think we need to keep looking,” the captain stated, and then began to stride over the nearest rock, which promptly moved out of his way.

The captain turned wide-eyed, first to the doctor, whose eyes were equally wide, and then to the science officer, who had merely raised the other brow. “Intriguing.”

The doctor snorted, and knelt down to scan the rock. “Well, Captain, I guess we shouldn’t take the natives for granite.”

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