The Lonely Girl

She sat alone on the park bench. Jet black hair sprang out from her head. Some called her a Chia Pet, but she was proud of her hair because it was different. However, it still managed to cover her deep brown eyes. When people got a look into them, they often came away with an odd feeling of having seen paradise.
She leaned over a notebook, pencil in her left hand, writing furiously. She looked up and away as her mind searched for the perfect words to finish her poem. A scar under her right eye became visible. Most thought it was a wound from neglectful parents, but they were sadly being judgemental.
She wasn’t like other girls. She always sat alone at lunch and rarely spoke unless spoken to. She had no friends and, in reality, she lived alone. No parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles. She was a strange child indeed.
But she didn’t mind. She knew one day everyone would know her name. The whole world was going to turn to her for help and she was destined to save them.

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