Friendly Fire

The man sitting across the table from the Colonel looked for all the world like just another ordinary air force pilot. His uniform was a bit different; blue hues instead of the standard grey. Minor details, sure, but otherwise, the pilot looked just like an ordinary person.

“I don’t exactly get what you mean when you say ‘colony’, soldier,” the Colonel said, rubbing his brow.

“Just that, sir,” the man replied. “A colony inhabited by former members of Earth. Specifically, I’m from Colony four-seven.”

“Earth has never launched any colonization missions, soldier,” the Colonel replied.

“None that you know about, sir,” the pilot replied with a grin.

The Colonel was not amused.

“If what you’re saying is true, why did you bring a strike team to Earth and attack our military bases?” It wasn’t true. It couldn’t have been. He was certain that no colonies had ever been launched from Earth. It was impossible.

“We see the Earth as a danger to the future of the universe,” he replied. “We were sent to destroy it.”

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