What I Wish Would Happen (Part I)

As I sit at the computer, typing away on the smooth black buttons on the keyboard, I hear a slight tapping on the door. It creaks open a little. I stop typing. “…Yes?” I have no idea who it is. “Rose?” My sister sometimes likes to play tricks on me, but it’s unusually late for her mischief. The door opens up more and a head of reddish-brown hair pokes in. My heart skips a beat. “…Jane?”

Her small, shy smile seems to fill up the room with its beauty. “Hi…” she says softly. “I had to drop by to say goodnight. I hate cell phones.” She stands there for a minute, looking at me, then I stand up and cross the few feet between us, our eyes locked.

“You look lovely tonight,” I murmur, completely sincere. My heart is beating so fast I’ve lost track of the number. I don’t care about that though. My body is pulling me forward, closer to her, but my self-control holds me back. “Take off your coat. Stay awhile,” I say, my voice a sheer suggestion of volume. Slowly, she removes her jacket.

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