Sharpshooting Explosion

I quickly got up on my feet, and took a quick look around the area. That grenade hadn’t been thrown. No, the angle was wrong. Spotting the orange and green uniforms of the indigenous forces, I quickly scrambled up a ledge and hid behind a protruding rock. I slowly inched my head up, and activated the image enhancers on my helmet’s visor. There, that’s the problem… The locals were up in the trees, using large slingshots to throw many grenades at once. I propped up my sharpshooter rifle against the rock, and took careful aim at the large stash of grenades on one the huge branches of a tree. I slowly increased the pressure on the trigger… I knew exactly how much it would take to fire a shot. I switched the beam onto the microwave frequency, and heard a warning beep as my shields dropped. This, I ignored. Long-range microwaves use so much energy… I focused on the shot. I pulled the trigger, and waited for a few seconds. The beam didn’t take long to melt through the thin metal on the grenades. The moment….

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