Sharpshooting Explosion pt. 2

…the beam hit whatever explosive material they used, it ignited. These new scopes were so detailed, and I was getting to do this type of work so often… I was almost becoming an expert on explosion structure. First, there was seemingly a small flash, though from experience I knew it to be quite large for something of its size. This immediately expanded into a gargantuan explosion, a single gargantuan fireball, which began to promptly burn down the entire tree. Soon, the entire five hundred yards of the tree’s diameter came crashing down. I looked around, and noticed that the mechs had finally dropped in from the massive overhead gunships. The mechs, these large carbon-fiber machines of death, formed a line and began spewing minuscule green lasers all over the battlefield. The drivers didn’t even have to do anything, they simply sat and watched as the computer systems took over and delivered fatal blows to the natives, blowing them to pieces. Some were so close, the organs had flown out at tremendous….

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