And The Flames

The ship was spotted the moment it entered the atmosphere, and troops were converging on its location long before it touched down. The forest was a carnage drenched witness to the transformative power of disaster; trees became candles, dust evolved into clouds. At the center of this forest sat the ship, a flaming ode to the importance of pilot’s ed. Had the fire been allowed to burn for a longer period of time, perhaps the ship would’ve been lost amidst the fury and the flames, but the fire was extinguished rather quickly. The men who had extinguished the fire had little concern with the flames desire to consume the ship, and were much more concerned with that which the flames threatened. They were mercenaries, hired guns of a large, privatized militia, working on the behalf of a curiosity suddenly piqued by a strange vessel falling from the sky. The fires extinguished, the ship was then loaded, secured, and irreverently carted back to Equalitech, the industrial powerhouse sponsoring this little excursion.

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