The Ultimate Chronicle - Part 30

“There’s only one way to resolve this. We must visit the Lord of Forever.”

Space/Time Lincoln’s broad shoulders sagged in resignation. “Has it truly come to this?”

“If we don’t act quickly, the universe will tear itself asunder, and I will be stuck here with… you… for all time.”

Lincoln grimaced at the thought. “Do you know the way?”

“Follow me.” Lincoln and Rasputin traveled for aeons in the fraction of a second and arrived at the castle on the edge of the universe, its crooked spires stretching to infinity. Lincoln raised a gauntlet to rap on the intricate oaken doors, but they parted before he had the chance.

“He knows,” Lincoln grumbled, “but I suppose that is to be expected.” They entered the fortress cautiously. Inside were an infinite number of viewscreens showing everything that could ever occur. A lone man sat in a dilapidated office chair, monitoring eternity. He swiveled around slowly.

“Good evening, gentlemen. I am H. G. Wells. And you two have been making quite a mess of things.”

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