Sharpshooting Explosion pt 4

…for only a few seconds. This left his fire sector uncovered for exactly two and three quarters of a second. A local charged at him, reaching speeds that of the mythical creatures called Cheetahs. This short moment was all it took for the local to rip off the helmet of the Hazardous Environment suit; the native was able to punch through the shields and overcome the high-tensile material in an instant. A gap was left in the fire team, and I pulled up my rifle to assist. I had just flicked the switch over to “Red – Kill” when I felt pressure on the back of my neck. Before I could react, I was flying through the air, seeing only the sky, the ground, the sky, the ground, and slamming into the Ballistics team. I fell to the ground, my vision beginning to darken. I sluggishly reached under my chin to pull back the small panel and inject myself with stims. The natives had broken through the line, rushing in, slaughtering everyone with their bare hands. I was pushed onto my back as a dead soldier fell, pain….

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