Sharpshooting Explosion pt 5

pulsing through my arm. It was probably broken, I realized calmly. I watched helplessly as a native leaned over me and stared down, even through the solid black of my visor. The native pulled out a long, primitive spear from its back. I noticed it was made of a brightly shining material, definitely not wood. It was plunged down deep past the woven titanium bondings of my suit, down into my ribs, slicing right through the bone. All I could concentrate on was the shock of the freezing metal directly up against my heart. I coughed hard, and blood covered the inside of my helmet. I shut my eyes, waiting for the end. The last thing I felt before the darkness took me was the hot dripping of my own blood onto my face.
Thus, a twenty-four day battle was over in a matter of minutes.

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