NOIR - Gates of Hell

It was largest port in the US, or at least it had been. Now yellow beams of light bathed faded warning signs as the wind sang through the shell of broken buildings. The land of mist and ghosts.

Nick chafed against the Hazmat suit. His thoughts drifting backwards nearly twenty years, he was just a kid. Early morning, 1:23 am, April 5th, 2067, he’d never forget.

The worst micro machining disaster in history, thousands died. Not a terrorist attack as first thought, just simple human error that turned the Port of Houston into a little slice of hell on Earth.

Blind luck, twist of fate, chance… 1:23 4/5/67, “The Sequence”. How many had tried to add significance to those numbers? Yet, in the end, a simple mix-up at a top secret lab and the name Programmable Matter Systems goes down in history.

God’s little joke? Simple chaos, or something darker? No one knew, Nick didn’t care.

Agent Nick Marshal found himself at the entrance to Ground Zero. Gates of Hell he thought, Let’s not keep the Devil waiting.

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