Zeus, so03-379-104-2

“There’s nothing here, sir.”

“What do you mean ‘nothing’?” Captain Mercur was angry. After six months of waiting they finally got a message from Vanir, and it was a false lead? “Give me the camera feed.” A huge screen changed the picture from radar to front camera. Debris were floating everywhere, obviously an exploded battleship. “Can you find the serial number?”

“Yes, sir. It’s ar05-365-639-9.” Lieutenant Mooray paused. “It’s Vanir, sir.”

“How can this be, we—” Suddenly it dawned to him. “Prepare the fighters! It’s an ambush!”

“Sir, three ships just came out of hyperspace. We’re being hailed.”

“Put it through the speakers.”

A firm deep voice sounded on the bridge. “so03-379-104-2, this is Raymond Johnson of Milky Way Galactic Police. You are under arrest for attacking and destroying ar05-365-639-9. Two ships are already on the way to you.” He paused, then said in a softer voice: “Please do not resist, it will only make the matters worse.”

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